sabato 27 aprile 2013

Martha Cooper in Milan


Martha Cooper solo exhibition

The exhibition shows the photos by Martha Cooper, the American photojournalist who documented the graffiti scene in the 70's and the 80's: a selection of 170 photos from the early works to the most recent ones,  portraying famous street artists such as Futura, Keith Haring, Basquiat, Lady Pink, Os Gemeos, Roa, Space Invader and many others.

19- 29 APRILE 2013,  Via Dante 14, Milano 


mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Au-delà du Street Art a Parigi

Dal 28 novembre 2012 al 30 marzo 2013, l'Adresse Musée de la Poste di Parigi presenta una mostra sul movimento della Street Art, con oltre 70 opere di 11 tra i migliori artisti della scena street attuale: 

Banksy, C215, Dran, Invader, L'Atlas, Ludo, Miss. Tic, Rero, Shepard Fairey,Swoon et Vhils.

Le opere sono realizzate con tecniche e su supporti differenti (spray, mosaico, scotch,acquarello, stencil,  resina, su cartelli stradali, tela, legno, buche delle lettere, poster..), sono inoltre presenti in mostra alcuni video degli artisti: Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop
Shepard Fairey, Rise Above Rebel e Swoon, Street Art la rébellion éphémère.

Au-delà du Street art 
28 novembre 2012- 30 marzo 2013 
Galerie du Messager, 
l’Adresse Musée de La Poste, 34 boulevard de Vaugirard, Paris 15ème. 
lunedì-sabato: 10-18

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

lunedì 15 ottobre 2012

Street art in Boston

ICA, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (MA, USA), presents a solo exhibition of the twins Os Gemeos, well-known Brazilian Street artist,  and two murals in the city (Dewey square and Revere Hotel Boston Common) until November 25.

Plus, at the entrance of ICA you can see the site-specific installation "Anthropocene Extinction" by another street artist, SWOON, until December 30.

More info:

martedì 5 giugno 2012


Interview to the French street artist Ludo

Three words to describe your work and your style?

Is there any of your works you particularly love? Why, what does it mean, how was it born..?
I pretty much enjoy every pieces I do, there is always something happening.
Sometimes I'm already laughing at my own things just thinking about it and at the end it's crappy but at least I had a good time.
It means a lot of simple things, depends on the viewer. Sometimes it's inspired by the new headlines or just a few words from a song, it depends....

Can you tell me something about “Co-branding”, I find some similarities with the project Ad-
Buster, do you know it?
There is certainly something to do with ad-busting.
I like to use my own things and mix it with famous logo. I try to use the same visual language as brands would do but telling something else, without anything to sell. The beyond understanding overaesthetism of some adds today let me believe that my works could mean something like that.
Add a new twist to these nicely lightened bus shelters.

What would you like to express through your work?
The idea of respect, even if it's not maybe the appropriate way.... I hate people feeling superior or crap intellectual politicians telling us how to live.
But I'm not Zorro.

Where do you find inspiration for your works and how do they born; do you have some
particular artistic sources or artists that inspire you?
Music, people, internet, news, ... like everybody I believe, there is everyday something that interests me, in a bad or good way.

Which is the best thing to be an artist and what does it mean to you to be a street artist?
no damn idea, I didn't try something else.

How do you choose the place where to paint?
First of all, the location. The nice thing about the street is that nice walls and textures make your piece alive.
I like desert spots, to be alone in an old wall is the best.
It has to mean something.

Is there a particular place where you’d like to paint?
A lot but I'm keeping that for me

What are the reactions of people in front of your works?

To be honest I never stay near my work or try to avoid openings. Hopefully it makes them laugh or at least it creates a little reaction.

Your future projects?

Artist portrait

AKA: Ludo
Nationality: French
Active from: 2006
Technique: works on paper, sculptures
Subjects: nature, plants and insects evolved into technological hybrids to defend against people and city’s aggression (“Nature’s revenge” and “Bugs”series), personal interpretation of brands, transformed into different images, with similar aesthetic canons of contemporary advertising but aggressive and inappropriate (“Co-branding” series)
Style: grey and acid green colors, botanic and graphic details, style similar to advertising
Places: Paris, London, Zurich, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Rome, Amsterdam

domenica 13 maggio 2012

The world by DALeast

Interview to the Chinese street artist DALeast, whose artworks are exhibited in "Fever of the worn land" until May 23rd in Carugate (info:  

Let’s begin from the title of the exhibition in Milan: “Fever of the worn land”: what does it

It's a sentence that helps to convey how I feel about the world I see around me today.

Three words to describe your work and your style?

3 words is not enough.

What are the subjects and themes of your artworks?

I like to use different subjects to present my themes, they come from the world.
Sometimes I like to display creatures which are the carrier for the soul, but other times I describe the carrier for the creatures.

Is there any of your works you particularly love? Why, what does it mean, how was it born..?

I love most of them as I feel they are like my children.

What would you like to express and convey through your work?

I like to share my experience and emotion to people through my artworks. That's why I really like to put my art in public space. I don't like to tell other people about right or wrong from my own point of view, but I try to be a mirror which stands in the middle.

Where do you find inspiration for your works and how do they born; do you have some particular artistic sources or artists that inspire you?

I think the inspiration of my artworks comes from the reality of the world around me, I also have dreams which give me inspiration while I am sleeping. I like to read ancient eastern philosophy, I can get a lot of energy and ideas from that, not only for my art. I think Nature is the best artist, I am inspired a lot from her.

Which technique do you use to paint?

Mostly I use spray paint for public space. I like to use tea and ink inside the studio.

You studied sculpture, how do this influence your painting? Is there a sort of 3d enquiry?

I got to know the 3 dimensional world better and what’s behind the surface when I was
creating sculptures, I think it has influenced my paintings, also it's changed the way I see
things around me.

Can you tell me something about your style: you use a very recognizable and essential style; how did you come to a similar stylistic choice? All that spirals, do they mean something particular?

I like to use monochrome color as black, white and grey. Because I prefer to focus on the sharp physique, it has less illusion without color surface. Monochrome color is strong enough for me. Skeletal is foundation framework, spirals are the growing trajectory for the material elements. They naturally work together create our body and the physical world that the body can feel. So I just learn from nature about that.

Often the subjects of your works are animals: why, what do they represent for you?

I like painting different subjects, not just animals, but I am painting a lot of them because
I love animals, they bring this world more vitality, also animals show the onlooker the
condition of the world. It is so hard to see them around us now. You may feel cold and sad if
you land on a planet which only has one kind of creatures with their machines, so painting
animals is a carrier to share my mind and memento.

Which is the best thing to be an artist and what does it mean to you to be a street artist?

I think “artist” is one group of human that are kind out of system, the vocation for them is too think unusually, so it is a gift for the person who is an artist. Street artist have so much fun when they are creating the work, because when you work in public space, everything can happen to you, so it is more like a challenge for artist. After the works finish, all the public can see it. How great is that. So being a street artist is never getting bored.

How do you choose the place where to paint and the subject in relation to that place?

It is good if I can paint some spots where many people are around, I like to paint on old wall
as well. I like to change my original plan when I am painting the wall if I have some new
inspiration come out. Place and walls are also like person for me, I need to meet them and
talk to them, then start to know what they want from me and what I can give to them.

Is there a particular place where you’d like to paint?

I love to paint in the old buildings or abandoned buildings where are full of stories and rest energy. I can crossover with time to make my works.

What are the reactions of people in front of your works?

I like to see people staying long in front of my works

Your future projects?

Me and my wife Faith47 are travelling a lot together, we travelled and painted around different countries almost every month this year, so we are always part of same projects. We just had a show in Australia together last month. Also few projects are coming up this year. Hopefully we will have good time in Israel this month.

Artist portrait



Nationality: Chinese, 1984

Studies: Institute of Fine Art in China

Active from: 2004

Technique: spray paint, ink, tea

Subjects: creatures, object, energy, emotion

Style: a “sketchy”, recognizable style; the shape of the subjects comes from spirals of black, white and silver lines

Places: Australia, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA, South Africa, Greece, China.

sabato 5 maggio 2012

"Mindscape" by Eron

intervista ad Eron, in occasione della mostra "Mindscape" alla egogallery di Lugano fino al 12 maggio 2012:

foto delle opere esposte:

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Cats by Chanoir

Interview to the French street artist Chanoir.

What are your artistic sources and artists that inspire you?
My favourite artists are Jim Henson, Annette Messager and Keith Haring.

Three words to describe your work and your style?
pure cat energie

Which technique do you use to paint?
Usually acrylic and spray (Montana 94) and over Montana Hardcore and oil painting.

Which is the best thing to be an artist and what does it mean to you
to be a street artist?
The best thing is to feel free to express my self anywhere and anyhow, searching something who is called me, looking at my cats, to share my art with those who like it, and to annoy those who don’t.

Where can we find your works on the wall around the world?
Mostly Barcelona , Paris and Bogotà.

Is there a particular place where you’d like to paint?
The best  place is the new wall I will fall in love with.

What are your future projects?
I want to do less canvases and more streets.. The next project is an enormous old  tv where the 1980 can perform in for “La biennale du Havre 2013”.

Artist portrait

Name: Alberto Vejarano
AKA: Chanoir
Nationality: Paris, 1976
Studies: Academie de Beaux Arts, Paris
Active from: 1996 as Chanoir
Technique: spray, acrylic, oil painting
Subjects: especially cats, main characters of fantastic adventures
Style: very colourful paintings with an immediate, symple, fast style, often stylized or with a childlike style; elements from the writing universe (lettering similar to bombing) and from the child universe (character as cats, fantastic adventures, strong colours)
Places: Italy, Usa, Mexico, Danzica, Moscow, London, Polland, New York, Cuba, Tunisi, Bogotà, Paris, Barcelona

Italian version and gallery

martedì 27 marzo 2012

8 videos about street art: "Défense d'afficher"

Here you can watch 8 interesting webdocumentaries dedicated each to one city through the works of a  street artist

Athens with Bleeps

Bogota with Bastardilla

Paris with Ludo

Nairobi with Bankslave

New York with Meres One

Sao Paulo with Orion

Singapor with Trase One

Turku with Pallo

martedì 20 marzo 2012

Keith Haring 1978-1982 in New York

Keith Haring 1978- 1982: the new exhibition @ the Brooklyn Museum, from March 16 until July 8 2012 shows the early works by the most famous street artist in the world.

You can find a page a day from the journals of Keith Haring for the entire duration of the exhibition here: