martedì 5 giugno 2012


Interview to the French street artist Ludo

Three words to describe your work and your style?

Is there any of your works you particularly love? Why, what does it mean, how was it born..?
I pretty much enjoy every pieces I do, there is always something happening.
Sometimes I'm already laughing at my own things just thinking about it and at the end it's crappy but at least I had a good time.
It means a lot of simple things, depends on the viewer. Sometimes it's inspired by the new headlines or just a few words from a song, it depends....

Can you tell me something about “Co-branding”, I find some similarities with the project Ad-
Buster, do you know it?
There is certainly something to do with ad-busting.
I like to use my own things and mix it with famous logo. I try to use the same visual language as brands would do but telling something else, without anything to sell. The beyond understanding overaesthetism of some adds today let me believe that my works could mean something like that.
Add a new twist to these nicely lightened bus shelters.

What would you like to express through your work?
The idea of respect, even if it's not maybe the appropriate way.... I hate people feeling superior or crap intellectual politicians telling us how to live.
But I'm not Zorro.

Where do you find inspiration for your works and how do they born; do you have some
particular artistic sources or artists that inspire you?
Music, people, internet, news, ... like everybody I believe, there is everyday something that interests me, in a bad or good way.

Which is the best thing to be an artist and what does it mean to you to be a street artist?
no damn idea, I didn't try something else.

How do you choose the place where to paint?
First of all, the location. The nice thing about the street is that nice walls and textures make your piece alive.
I like desert spots, to be alone in an old wall is the best.
It has to mean something.

Is there a particular place where you’d like to paint?
A lot but I'm keeping that for me

What are the reactions of people in front of your works?

To be honest I never stay near my work or try to avoid openings. Hopefully it makes them laugh or at least it creates a little reaction.

Your future projects?

Artist portrait

AKA: Ludo
Nationality: French
Active from: 2006
Technique: works on paper, sculptures
Subjects: nature, plants and insects evolved into technological hybrids to defend against people and city’s aggression (“Nature’s revenge” and “Bugs”series), personal interpretation of brands, transformed into different images, with similar aesthetic canons of contemporary advertising but aggressive and inappropriate (“Co-branding” series)
Style: grey and acid green colors, botanic and graphic details, style similar to advertising
Places: Paris, London, Zurich, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Rome, Amsterdam

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