giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Cats by Chanoir

Interview to the French street artist Chanoir.

What are your artistic sources and artists that inspire you?
My favourite artists are Jim Henson, Annette Messager and Keith Haring.

Three words to describe your work and your style?
pure cat energie

Which technique do you use to paint?
Usually acrylic and spray (Montana 94) and over Montana Hardcore and oil painting.

Which is the best thing to be an artist and what does it mean to you
to be a street artist?
The best thing is to feel free to express my self anywhere and anyhow, searching something who is called me, looking at my cats, to share my art with those who like it, and to annoy those who don’t.

Where can we find your works on the wall around the world?
Mostly Barcelona , Paris and Bogotà.

Is there a particular place where you’d like to paint?
The best  place is the new wall I will fall in love with.

What are your future projects?
I want to do less canvases and more streets.. The next project is an enormous old  tv where the 1980 can perform in for “La biennale du Havre 2013”.

Artist portrait

Name: Alberto Vejarano
AKA: Chanoir
Nationality: Paris, 1976
Studies: Academie de Beaux Arts, Paris
Active from: 1996 as Chanoir
Technique: spray, acrylic, oil painting
Subjects: especially cats, main characters of fantastic adventures
Style: very colourful paintings with an immediate, symple, fast style, often stylized or with a childlike style; elements from the writing universe (lettering similar to bombing) and from the child universe (character as cats, fantastic adventures, strong colours)
Places: Italy, Usa, Mexico, Danzica, Moscow, London, Polland, New York, Cuba, Tunisi, Bogotà, Paris, Barcelona

Italian version and gallery

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